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monday's playlist: 6/9/08
human sexual response what does sex mean to me
donita sparks fly feather fly
pylon gyrate
bis i want it all
elvis presley crawfish
captain beefheart ice cream for crow
the beatings upstate flashback
dead kennedys this could be anywhere (this could be everywhere)
stranglers skin deep
depeche mode stripped
rogue wave chicago x 12
nick cave & the bad seeds we call upon author
nina hagen ufo
bob mould black sheets of rain
ramones gimme gimme shock treatment
mudhoney we are rising
free kitten free kitten on the mountain
the cure the kiss
federale car crash
the del fuegos fade to blue
gnarls barkley open a book
shearwater i was a cloud
neats water
mixel pixel distant station
arthur & yu 1000 words
tuxedo moon holy wars
heloise & the savior faire downtown
the cramps goo goo muck
raconteurs carolina drama
teardrop explodes the culture bunker
brian eno & david byrne america is waiting
malcolm mclaren soweto
the fleshtones big heart
the titanics drag you down to my level
(international) noise conspiracy communist moon

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big pile of bones

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