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monday's playlist: 06/27/05

lungfish sweet nucleus
brian eno and then so clear
einsturzende neubauten zerstorte zelle
eats tapes supreme master
nina hagen anti-world
sour grapes pacific nw, last chance to dance
happy mondays tart tart
chemical brothers spring
echo & the bunnymen monkeys
dixie dirt bad lights
lunachicks cross my heart
scruffy the cat life is fun
willie nelson i'm a worried man
robbie fulks where there's a road
scratch acid skin drips
busdriver low flying winged books
the brunettes too big for gidget
phosphorescent i'm a full grown man (i will lay in the grass all day)
wipers any time you find
crime murder by guitar
picastro skinnies
happy flowers my frisbee went under a lawnmower
stephen malkmus it kills
kraftwerk numbers
salem 66 the vessel
gorillaz fire coming out of the monkeys head
one of the loudest tragedies ever heard... baby's on fire
english beat drowning
deerhoof green cosmos
blowfly blowfly for president
half japanese love at first sight
c-rayz walz black out
hrsta heaven is yours
le tigre on the verge
kristin hersh listerine
the white stripes the denial twist
the planet the trip under control
drunk horse vatican shuffle
penetrators shopping bag

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big pile of bones

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