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monday's playlist: 06/20/05

perry gripp time for tennis
gorillaz dare
the clash the equaliser
beastie boys high plains drifter
dressy bessy electrified
phosphorescent endless pt. 1
duke ellington backward country boy blues
common go!
souvenirs bump de bump
j.j. jones darkness
roulettes the way you carry on
the white stripes as ugly as i seem
the penetrators everybody needs lovin'
lenny bruce marriage, divorce, motels
frank zappa & the mothers of invention are you hung up?/who needs the peace corps?/concentration moon/mom & dad
stephen malkmus no more shoes
new order waiting for the sirens call
david peel & the lower east side i'm going back to the army
crime monkey on your back
dixie dirt driving
betty blowtorch love/hate
jerry hawkins cha cha cha
belle & sebastian put the book back on the shelf
ornette coleman t & t
danger mouse & jemini yoo hoo!
art pepper smack up
meat beat manifesto musica classica
kraftwerk radioactivity
the ponys shadow box
medications twine time
langston hughes feet live their own life
john cale guts
ramones psycho therapy
butthole surfers space 1
the brunettes polyester meets acetate
the raincoats shouting out loud
red walls hung up on the way i'm feeling

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big pile of bones

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