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monday's playlist: 06/13/05

dixie dirt pieces of the world
the white stripes i'm lonely (but i ain't that lonely yet)
isabella cardboard igloo
!!! take ecstacy with me
kraftwerk autobahn
stevie wonder from the bottom of my heart
hrsta une infinité de trous en forme d'hommes
phosphorescent joe tex tamin' the blues
pine am mackeral sky
raveonettes somewhere in texas
sleater-kinney steep air
smog the well
gorillaz o greenworld
negativlang no business
picastro no contest
melvins keep away from me
electra lane bells
crime rockabilly drugstore
medication surprise!
dressy bessy tay tay tay again
common it's your world (part 1 & 2)
nick cave & the bad seeds come into my sleep
the fall junk man
nick castro guilford
stephen malkmus it kills
sloppy meateaters alone & wicked
scrabbel waterloo sunset
belle & sebastian lazy line painter jane
400 blows the average guy
hot snakes braintrust
one of the loudest tragedies ever heard... attica
the nein bleeding elvis
charlie schmidt acidais planitia

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big pile of bones

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