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monday's playlist: 06/06/05

perry gripp this sale
sleater-kinney entertain
13th floor elevators gloria
raveonettes love in a trash can
mecca normal when you build a house without doors
modest mouse trailer trash
jimi hendrix voodoo chile
4 tops it's the same old song
billy bragg levi stubbs' tears
al green everythings ok
steve winwood it's all right
elvis costello pump it up
flaming lips they punctured my yolk
david bowie it's no game part 1
serge gainsbourg torrey canyon
new order dracula's castle
sonic youth trilogy (the wonder/hyperstation/eliminator jr.)
pj harvey this is love
l7 wargasm
stephen malkmus pencil rot
dressy bessy hello hello
gorillaz every planet we reach is dead
sun ra theme of the stargazers
common chi-city
c-rayz walz walk through
television marquee moon
neutral milk hotel naomi
stranglers no more heroes
hot snakes no hands
graves bleed
duplex mr. slim
violent femmes i held her in my arms
huevos rancheros crowchild trail
the nein faint sounds
belle & sebastian marx & engels

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big pile of bones

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