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monday's playlist: 6/30/03

betty blowtorch kill the butcher
hot snakes u.s. mint
the bags pioneer
the woggles johnny come lately
motorhead keep us on the road
the forgotten no control
yeastie girls fcc
the clash garageland
roxy music mother of pearl
guided by voices hot freaks
gogogo airheart take the structure
ugly casanovas ice on the sheets
the lonesome organist who's to say your soul's not carbon
jesus lizard if you had lips
essential logic martian man
miles davis bitty ditty
xavier cugat rumba rumba
duke ellington caravan
marion brown sunshine road
suicide machines your silence
randy cheap thrills
ex models three weeks
the sick lipstick cats are dangerous
comets on fire let's take it all
dave gahan living for the bottle
teledubgnosis heading west
tricky the love cats
kmfdm a hole in the wall
tatu ya shosla s uma
pj harvey a perfect day outside
wire spent
the fall arms control poseur
blur gene by gene
ramones now i wanna sniff some glue
belle & sebastian the boy with the arab strap
thompson twins queer
choeur samuna de brazzaville mfumu yesu
spirit world pretty far so good
dengue fever thanks alot
pavement rattled by the rush
tuscadero paper dolls

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big pile of bones

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