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monday's playlist: 6/23/03

13th floor elevators you can't hurt me anymore
gogogo airheart c8 programme
killing joke wilful days
butthole surfers shame of life
leaving trains rock 'n roll murder
nick cave and the bad seeds the weeping song
the fleshtones hex breaker
caesars crackin' up
television torn curtain
essential logic barbie be happy
thomas jefferson slave apts. my mysterious death (turn it up)
dead meadow me & the devil blues
diamanda galas my love will never die
enon murder sounds
bongwater fire in cairo
billy bragg the myth of trust
leftover salmon/cracker waiting for you girl
comets on fire graverobbers
mudhoney mudride
hella elkan since republic of r + r
mr. t. experience a song about a girl
from monument to masses to z (repeat)
six feet under six feet under theme
mission of burma einstein's day
the sick lipstick thigh master i'm yr master
corrupted morals corrupted morals
nofx franco un-american
buzzcocks ever fallen in love
ape has killed ape are we not dinosaurs?
the von bondies r&r nurse
dengue fever hold my hips
minutemen the anchor
cat power back of your head
david bowie teenage wildlife
crass (w/ ep thomson) the unelected president
aceyalone lost your mind

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big pile of bones

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