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monday's playlist: 6/16/03

public image limited theme
betty blowtorch fish taco
essential logic something
the clash london calling
the animals sky pilot
from monument to masses comrades & friends
the cramps dope fiend boogie
dub narcotic sound system petrolbzz
radiohead myxomatosis
teledubgnosis in heaven a devil
new order let's go (nothing for me)
manic hispanic menudo morning nightmare
transistor book burning committee
tomahawk you can't win
pleasure forever gideon & goliath
ten grand this isn't heaven this sucks
death on a wednesday born to bleed
louis armstrong potato head blues
dengue fever lost in laos
alkaline trio this could be love
pink and brown enter officer, exit wound
ho ag four four
noxagt swarm
helicopter helicopter talented socialites
neil michael hagerty firebase ripchord
dave gahan i need you
arab strap peep peep
my life with the thrill kill kult first cut
lungfish panic & hysteria
mal waldron solidium dow
polkaholics drinking with my boss
mojo nixon perry mason of love
skatalites baby elephant walk
buck owens who's gonna mow your grass?
sahara hotnights i know exactly what to do
die monitor batss spread your legs, release the batss
the apes big fog
the white stripes the air near my fingers

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big pile of bones

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