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monday's playlist: 6/09/03

radiohead backdrifts
blur ambulance
concrete blonde violent
fuzztones just once
polkaholics my wife she got drunk
adult. people you can confuse
blackeyes speaking in tongues
the apes crystal coco tech
caesars you're my favorite
manic hispanic brand new impala
dead meadow the whirlings
porch ghouls little candy for tessy
flaming sideburns pictures far behind
evil jake i don't think i like you
joy division passover
captain beefheart sheriff of hong kong
grandaddy the group who couldn't say
kinks waterloo sunset
essential logic the order form
roky erikson don't slander me
transistor there's a fine line
the forgetten class seperation
bob marley exodus
planet smasher explosive
the special aka war crimes
fela kuti don't worry about my mouth o (african message)
the selector bristol & miami
sonic youth i love her all the time
pink and brown sherriff jessum
kaito driving manual auto
yeah yeah yeahs no, no, no
the testors you don't break my heart
nofx anarchy camp
public enemy son of a bush
lungfish x-ray the pharoah

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big pile of bones

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