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monday's playlist: 6/02/03

radiohead there there
blur ambulance
black eyes someone has his fingers broken
royal city bad luck
dinosaur jr. out there
caesars i'm gonna kick you out
the taint let the poison spill from your throat
flaming sideburns into the golden shade
hüsker dü turn on the news
flipper sex bomb baby
ghost orchids keep your secrets
b52's dance this mess around
huevos rancheros interstate death toll
arthur lyman group arrividerci roma
dick dale nitrus
ramones blitzkrieg bop
frank black the last stand of shazeb andleeb
johnny cash the man comes around
meat puppets up on the sun
folksongs for the afterlife death by melody
flesheaters baby won't you
mani hispanic trippin' on mi ruca
pleasure forever this is the zodiac speaking
sahara hotnights drive dead slow
.22 the worker
the testors time is mine
duke ellington switchblade
charles mingus better git it in your soul
clifton chenier boppin' the rock
the clash lose this skin
wire being watched
nofx idiots are taking over
cathy catholic one night
the evolution control committee don't miss the great snatch
grandaddy ok with my decay
bikini kill for tammy rae
pink and brown messy bessy get undressy
mighty sparrow royal jail

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big pile of bones

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