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monday's playlist: 05/31/10
frank zappa think it over
jam tales from the riverbank
bruce springsteen gypsy biker
roky erickson & okkervil river john lawman
john doe the golden state
nedry swan ocean
scott walker angels of ashes
x-ray spex warrior in woolworths
gas huffer ruined
alphabetical order adderall
x motel room in my bed
gene vincent & the blue caps ruby baby
wire reuters
talking heads dream operator
yeah yeah yeahs fancy
nick cave & the bad seeds there is a town
th'inbreds ten years after
suicide mr. ray
sonics psycho
the cure underneath the stars
ween happy colored marbles
antelope flower
bob mould lifetime
brian jonestown massacre she made me
au pairs you
fats waller the panic is on
albert ayler the wizard
billie holiday my man
thelonius monk we see
butthole surfers dadgad
canoe corndogs are our friends
cuff the duke follow me
the vaselines jesus wants me for a sunbeam
bob wills & texas playboys take me back to tulsa
kokolo mister sinister
bob marley burnin' & lootin'
cocorosie fairy paradise

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big pile of bones

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