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monday's playlist: 05/17/10
grupo fantasma juan tenorio
m takara 3 espelho
lcd soundsystem dance yerself clean
pearly gate music rejoice
indian jewelry parlous seige and chapel
soundpool shelter
winston audio all this time
dead weather hustle and cuss
ceremony stars fall
let's wrestle my schedule
the radio dept. memory loss
holy fuck latin america
flaming lips us and them
jonsi around us
sadies 10 more songs
frog eyes odetta's war
heroes + villains one we dare not speak of
unnatural helpers sunshine/pretty girls
kongos another daydream
snowdrift secret
pack a.d. b.c. is on fire
avi buffalo remember the last time
walter schreifels open letter
tallest man on earth burden of tomorrow
wave pictures if you leave it alone
g.b.h. unique
david byrne/fatboy slim the whole man
solomon burke the error of my ways
los campesinos who fell asleep in
male bonding years not long
glenn branca carbon monoxide
happy mondays stinkin thinkin
lou rhodes there for the taking
linfinity choo choo train to venice
six star general bad jobs for white folks

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big pile of bones

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