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monday's playlist: 05/10/10
delorean real love
peter wolf crier down down down
woods blood dries darker
blackmarket nearsighted
club 8 shape up
skybox trout
cocorosie lemonade
audra mae the fable
sage francis little houdini
wu tang da wa we were
the fall bury pts. 1 + 3
wild mocassins late night television
wakey wakey car crash
serial thrillers the floppy stwing
new pornographers we end up together
juan maclean ebony
gorillaz glitter freeze
wave pictures instant coffee baby
roky erickson good bye sweet dreams
eddy current suppression ring anxiety
living sisters good ole wagon
dum dum girls baby don't go
apples in stereo no one in the world
slow club when i go
black francis lake of sin
nedry apples & pears
girl in a coma as the world falls down
love is all take your time
magic slim sunny road blues
archie bronson outfit hunt you down
white stripes the union forever
cuff the duke the words you ignore
flying lotus recoiled
sugar & gold feels like fire
the lodger flashbacks
whitsundays you fell for it
you say party! we say die! glory

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big pile of bones

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