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monday's playlist: 05/03/10
sally spring made of stars
the hold steady a slight discomfort
the sadies tell her what i said
salteens don't break my heart
male bonding franklin
annuals holler & howl
joy formidable the greatest light is the greatest shade
splinters sorry
bundles in the beginning
cyril neville fortune teller
weakerthans left and leaving
david byrne/fatboy slim don't you agree
balkan beat box buhala
e.g. bailey liberia
serena maneesh magdalena (symphony #8)
snowglobe dad
batusis blue's theme
henry clay people this ain't a scene
do not forsake me my darling the chimes of big ben
the radio dept. never follow suit
pack a.d. crazy
shondes the coming night
pavement stereo
drinkup buttercup seasickness pills
fol chen in ruins
cate le bon terror of the man
tracey thorn why does the wind?
the besnard lakes light up the night
frightened rabbits yes, i would
caribou odessa
cypress hill got it anyway
harlem the friendly ghost
aloha microviolence
tartufi fleet week
jews & catholics who are we think we are

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big pile of bones

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