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monday's playlist: 05/11/09
albert ayler ghosts second variation
staff benda bilili mwana
joao cerilo kurason di povu
new york dolls making rain
sonic youth sacred trickster
peaches i feel cream
st. vincent the same but brand new
tiny masters of today tooty frooty
timothy leary every time
themselves keys to ignition
the high strungs house party
comet gain jack nance hair
settle into the mind of those who commit desperate acts while under the influence of others
jarvis cocker leftovers
jeniferever st. gallen
brakesbrakesbrakes leaving england
vaselines jesus wants me for a sunbeam
sunshine thru magnetic fields
bricolage plots are for cemetaries
billy bragg something happened
an horse little lungs
meatmen college radio loser
the gary 905
evening rig goddamn i could use a drink
double dagger vivre sans temps mort
like bells yeti
jeffrey lewis & the junkyard if life exists
akron family everyone is guilty
los straitjackets mercury
pixies planet of sound
the fresh & onlys arms advice
xray spex world turned dayglo
quest for fire i've been trying to leave
cryptacize new spell
pearls before swine drop out
chairlift somewhere around here
a camp bear on the beach
nomo nocturne

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big pile of bones

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