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monday's playlist: 05/04/09
hugh cornwell within you or without you
hands & knees a great pair
john doe & the sadies night life
proclaimers s-o-r-r-y
suckers easy chairs
mika miko sex jazz
xu xu fang fascination street
young love can you hear me
rubber rodeo jolene
bob dylan jolene
casper & the cookies you love me
it hugs back q
yeah yeah yeahs drag queen
b52s eyes wide open
ann courtenay & late bloomers nice & quiet
jeremy enigk sandwich time
julie the band catch a feeling
tartufi church of hanging leaders
vaselines lovecraft
flying change the mayo clinic
lounge lizards scary children
dengue fever hold my hips
pontiak honey
hindi guns where lilly is
cabinet master caroline
tara jane o'neil howl
grand duchy seeing stars
bob mould city lights (days go by)
thieves like us an easy tonight
americans in france knock you down
chain & the gang cemetary map
spanish armada homesick
crystal antlers time erased
boy in static toy baby grand
strange boys this girl taught me a dance
screaming females bell
leonard cohen hey, that's no way to say goodbye

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big pile of bones

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