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monday's playlist: 5/19/08
mudhoney in n'out of grace
breeders we're gonna rise
natalie portman's shaved head ice age babeland
subtle day dangerous
trailer choir thru the sunshine
champion jack dupree on my way to see mo asch
no age ripped knees
meho plaza the beach
baskervilles moves
skillz so good
trina look back at me
jean grae love thirst
double-f major league
albert ayler a y
gossip yr mangled heart
raconteurs top yourself
portishead the rip
sera cahoone you're not broken
orlando puntilla rios donde estan los cubanos
prince fatty gin & juice
la india cuela la culebra
bell rays infection
guns of detroit apocalypse later
these modern socks worry free lifestyle
flight of conchords the most beautiful girl (in the room)
b52s dancing now
mates of state the re-arrange
automatic love letter make-up smeared eyes
wye oak if children were wishes
what for people
black box revelation set your head on fire
clinic tomorrow
plastic constellations phantom canyon
nick cave & the bad seeds moonland
frank turner i really don't care what you did on your gap year

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big pile of bones

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