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monday's playlist: 5/5/08
morrissey in the future when all's well
r.e.m. living well is the best revenge
jack o'fire trouble everyday
apples in stereo so far away
jesus lizard one evening
jimi hendrix voodoo chile
etta jones don't go to strangers
charlie parker move
eddie jefferson lament for hooker
pee shy you belong
frank zappa/captain beefheart carolina hard-core ecstasy
nick cave & the bad seeds midnight man
gibby haynes 15000
kills goodnight bad morning
raconteurs rich kids blues
clinic coda
retribution gospel choir take your time
b52s juliet of the spirits
bellrays psychotic hate man
guns of detroit quick hands
mission of burma all world cowboy romance
wallpaper evrytm we do it
frightened rabbit good arms vs bad arms
billy bragg farm boy
adam green grandma shirley & papa
okmoniks it's not you
constantines time can be overcome
why? brook & wax
art pepper can't believe that you're in love with me
pucho p & his latin soul brothers good news
tito puente mambo diablo
slim cessna's auto club americadio
dodos joe's waltz
informants let's roll

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big pile of bones

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