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monday's playlist: 5/23/05

dick van dyke lazybones
stephen malkmus post-paint boy
november group the popular front
flipper exist or else
ponys ferocious
nirvana gallons of rubbing alcohol flow through the strip
wire 99.9
pajama slave dancers train wreck on prom nite
gun club cool drink of water
david guetta atomic food
the residents the monkey man
the wipers the circle
sleater-kinney what's mine is yours
articolo 31 come una pieta scalciata
the neats do the things
joy division passover
devo baby talkin' bitches
albert ayler the bells
pere ubu somethings gotta give
gorillaz feel good inc.
titanics drag you down to my level
the white stripes blue orchid
orchestral manoeuvres in the dark telegraph
tiny hawks i do not live in love and hate
new order i told you so
melvins elks lodge christmas broadcast
mountain goats song for dennis brown
picastro sharks
camper van beethoven seven languages
low silver rider
cat power cross bone style
sonic youth stones
weird war word on the street
the minutemen price of paradise
man or astroman super rocket rumble

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big pile of bones

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