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big pile of bones
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monday's playlist: 05/16/05

1st hour was given over to a WSMU intern
sleater-kinney let's call it love
hrsta swallows tail
raveonettes if i was young
of montreal forecast fascist future
ponys she's broken
new order who's joe
four tet iron man
eric dolphy glad to be unhappy
duke ellington bakiff
coleman hawkins stealin' the bean
r.l. burnside bad luck city
fela kuti beast of no nation
dave alvin museum of heart
al green build me up
frank zappa & the mothers of invention you didn't try to call me
flatt & scruggs shuckin' the corn
collide whip it
finks clown song
sabotage q.c.q.c. sex dwarf
hot snakes i hate the kids
adult. the end

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big pile of bones

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