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monday's playlist: 5/02/05

new order waiting for the sirens' call
human sexual response andy fell
the raveonettes uncertain times
shonen knife burning farm
last of the juanitas angie dickinson
ball & pivot love beat
psychic paramount echo air
beat nigs rules
captain beefheart moon child
magenta lane mare of the night
beat happening revolution come and gone
nick cave & the bad seeds everything must converge
why? pantone cyan
shockabilly train kept a rollin'
the residents what have my chickens done now?
benzos sore eyes
the cure in between days
hot hot heat you owe me an iou
paul newman fairies wear boots
shriekback this big hush
autechre iera
dead kennedys this could be anywhere
electrelane two for joy
bloc party she's hearing voices
talking heads mind
galaxy 500 here she comes now
be bop deluxe modern music
hüsker dü turn on the news
frank zappa black napkins
adult. d.u.m.e.
fugazi cassavettes
heavy trash mr. k.i.a.
sham 69 whose generation
finks meat robot
al green all the time
barrenc whitfield madhouse
orchestral manoeuvres in the dark love and hate you
new order i told you so

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big pile of bones

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