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monday's playlist: 5/26/03

roy orbison in dreams (i walk with you)
serge gainsbourg (with jane berkin) je t'aime...moi non plus
billy bragg a lover sings
leonard cohen take this longing
low immune
the litter action woman
standells try it
buck owens who's gonna mow your grass?
shadows of knight potato chips
the musbies 12 o'clock, july
legendary shack shakers devil's night auction
lounge lizards mr. stinky's blues
electronica flicker
parliament mothership connection
portastatic oh come down
read yellow static
explosion bullet 15
lyres 100sc's
the collectors the beginning
love little red book
david bowie ziggy stardust
bauhaus kick in the eye
shoukichi kina jing jing
skinny puppy stairs and flowers
book of love yellow sky
my life with the thrill kill kult blondes with lobotomy eyes
the mummies stronger than dirt
pavement in the mouth a desert
clockwork destruction violent playground
man or astroman the way around meteor
the satans makin' deals
utah carol airplanes
powers of blue you blowing my mind
creaming jesus lillies
unbelievable uglies research into the soul of psychedelic sound
wire 99.9
my bloody valentine to here knows when
adult. marathon
wipers warning
sea & cake traditional wax coin
terror better off without you
unwed sailor cuckoo clocks the call of the windmill
hot water music trusty chords

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big pile of bones

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