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monday's playlist: 5/19/03

frank zappa & captain beefheart and the mothers carolina hardcore ecstasy
the cure the snake pit
modest mouse heart cooks brain
the apes aboard the ark
the decembrists here i dreamt i was an architect
the deathray davies gone against the tide
blur jets
orchestral manoeuvres in the dark genetic engineering
the clash the call-up
xtc life begins at the hop
flaming lips the strange design of conscience
john coltrane sun star
sun ra el is a sound of joy
david murray blues for savannah
von freeman little willie leaps
kaito a.s.a. to accuracy
officer may smoking a minor
ironboss hung like horses
new order rock the shack
neil michael hagerty car commercial
hot cross pretty picture of a broken face
flaming sideburns effect o-tequila
federation x ape shit
beastie boys shadrach
faron young if you ain't lovin' (you ain't livin')
arab strap out of war
a grape dope when you crash & burn
fela kuti beasts of no nation
rob zombie with lionel ritchie & trina brickhouse (2003)
the white stripes the hardest button to button
yeah yeah yeahs black tongue
portastatic clay cakes
le tigre deceptacon
cobra high el fang dorado

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big pile of bones

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