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monday's playlist: 5/12/03

revolting cocks do ya think i'm sexy?
sly & the family stone luv n' haight
the last poets white man's got a god complex
ohio players take de funk off, fly
arthur prysock good rockin' tonight
joey ramone i wanna be sedated
electrocute sugar buzz
dub narcotic sound system handclappin'
bottom of the hudson red election
guided by voices twilight campfighter
cecil taylon cecil taylor unit
john coltrane the damned don't cry
sonny rollins remember clifford
the high llamas literature is fluff
fruit bats the little acorn
john freeman for me and my gal
el guapo i don't care
hank, stu, dave & hank my dead dog rover
officer may slow burn
pink anvil #2
nina hagen smack jack
read yellow static
talking heads crosseyed and painless
traffic dear mr. fantasy
the raybeats tight turn
love she comes in colors
jefferson airplane crown of creation
ten grand let's wreck the van
pj harvey good fortune
blur out of time
serge gainsbourg bonnie & clyde
neil michael hagerty firebase ripchord
bottles and skulls rip off the sheets
the kills kissy kissy
federation x real american kids with real american ids
the replacements torture
mighty sparrow man like to feel
dick dale nitro
robert mitchum mama, looka boo boo
nick cave and the bad seeds bring it on

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big pile of bones

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