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monday's playlist: 5/05/03

legendary shack shakers bullfrog blues
southern culture on the skids fried chicken & gasoline
echo & the bunnymen ocean rain
pizzicato five my baby portable player sound
pleasure forever czarina
sonic youth into the groovy
butthole surfers sweet loaf
marianne faithfull as tears go by
the cure at night
ten grand wedding song for steve & angie
the bags dropout
ghost orchids keep your secrets
babes in toyland laugh your head off
kittie charlotte
officer may song that goes nowhere
happy mondays cob 20
concrete blonde tonight
dub narcotic sound system sabley goodness
david byrne big business
arab strap glue
radiohead scatterbrain
gang of 4 i love a man in a uniform
bad brains return to heaven
pixies umass
the stranglers 96 tears
irish car bomb alpha dog
the white stripes i just don't know what to do with myself
aluminum babe oh yeah
the cramps strange love
the flaming sideburns let me take you far
gossip all my days
fugazi forensic scene
the flaming lips fight test
watchers gold standard
grandaddy stray dog & the chocolate shake
yoshimi & yuka ha wa ii na
party of helicopters science reasons
portastatic swimming through tires
yeah yeah yeahs bang remix
d.o.a. to hell and back

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big pile of bones

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