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monday's playlist: 04/26/10
girl in a coma transmission
batusis bury you alive
the fall y.f.o.c./slippy floor
first aid kit ghost town
gotan project mil millones
meklit hadero abbay mado
gorillaz stylo
caribou found out
david byrne & fatboy slim every drop of rain
hotrats e.m.i.
lou rhodes the ocean (time travellers wife)
archie bronson outfit shark's tooth
avi buffalo what's in it for?
pack a.d. deer
the henry clay people saturday night
let's wrestle in the court of the wrestling let's
unnatural helpers brave dumb face
the dø playground hustle
river city extension today, i feel like i'me evolved
you say party, we say die! lonely's lunch
jahcoozi barefoot dub
eddy current suppression ring gentlemen
quitzow the cut
black francis when i go down on you
dum dum girls everybody's out
apples in stereo dance floor
love is all never now
sally seltmann on the borderline
morning benders mason jar
winston audio future blues
g.b.h. cadillac one
this moment in black history pollen count
mi ami native americans (born in the usa)
roky erickson true love cast out all evil
tallest man on earth love is all
broken bells sailing to nowhere
black rebel motorcycle club beat the devil's tattoo

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big pile of bones

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