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monday's playlist: 04/12/10
black francis cinema star
roky erickson be and bring me home
david byrne & fatboy slim a perfect hand
solomon burke you're not alone
gbh time flies
titus andronicus a more perfect union
guitar wolf ufo romantics
suicide commando infliction of pain
balkan beat box my baby
algernon everybody stay calm
terror pigeon dance revolt go directly to space
archie bronson outfit you have a right to a mountain life
old time relijun cold water
oakley hall all the way down
this moment in black history theopyhllien valentime
octagon hound adams
black rebel motorcycle club evol
apples in stereo dream about the future
rogue wave we will make a song destroy
lonelady marble
portugal the man 60 years
gospel gossip blazin'
deadstring brothers houston
love is all a side in a bed
she & him thieves
dum dum girls rest of our lives
lightspeed champion faculty of fears
happy birthday eyes music
liars goodnight everything
gogogo airheart last goodbye
shondes miami
wu tang real nillaz
the fall blindness
firewater hey bulldog

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big pile of bones

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