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monday's playlist: 4/14/08
r.e.m. living well is the best revenge
tapes 'n tapes the dirty dirty
plastic constellations so many friends
bridges & powerlines the thieves they are everywhere
retribution gospel choir destroyer
ornette coleman free jazz part 1
elvis presley reconsider baby
renminbi lgmf
stephen malkmus & the jicks wicked wanda
dj logic/jason miles the souk
king sunny adé mo ti mo
planeta imaginario hoy es un nuevo dia (today is a new day)
afrika gumbe maeko
the clash broadway
morrissey redondo beach
frank black freedom rock
foals electric bloom
bikini kill tell me so
sera cahoone baker lake
slim cessna's auto club magalina hegalina boom boom
raconteurs you don't understand me
apples in stereo shine (in your mind)
fur cups for teeth 99
nick cave & the bad seeds hold on to yourself
breeders night of joy
mission of burma that's when i reach for my revolver
cut copy out there on the ice
black keys so he won't break
j.b. hutto too late
ogden nash kinko the clown
spires that in the sunset rise sea shanty
the slackers eviction
the bellrays coming down
r.e.m. man sized wreath

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big pile of bones

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