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monday's playlist: 04/25/05

innaway rise
mercury rev vermillion
the squeaky fromme the affiliates
old haunts it's so scandalous
paper cranes ease
the raveonettes somewhere in texas
the ponys she's broken
adult. hold your breath
the reducers small talk
louis prima please no squeeza de bananas
valeria longoria el canoero
gorillaz feel good inc
common the corner
sarah vaughan time to go
scout niblett newburyport
col. knowledge & the lickity splits water in your eyes
caribou yeti
the nein jim morrison in the desert
continuous peasant shock & awe
al green real love
prefuse 73 it's crowded
nice cave & the bad seeds get ready for love
captain ahab under the influence
the residents on the way to oklahoma
moby temptation
50 foot wave sally is a girl
eyeball skeleton redfish
tara vanflower rabbit
heavy trash this day is mine
the mountain goats thi year
gang gang danec #6
cyanide valentine you don't really love me
jimmy tarbutton & the memphis sound the mysterians
et sans lachose
ape has killed ape morongo tango

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big pile of bones

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