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monday's playlist: 4/28/03

dead milkmen right wing pigeons
mo-dettes white mouse disco
adult. glue your eyelids together
b52's 53 miles west of venus
the stranglers walk on by
the bees voices green and purple
death by stereo i wouldn't piss in your ear if your brain was on fire
bottles and skulls kill the music
concrete blonde mexican moon
race marbles like a dribbling fram
john cale ooh la la
charles mingus orange was the color of her dress
the flaming lips thank you jack white (for the fiber-optic jesus that you gave me)
nick cave and the bad seeds straight to you
the clash the magnificent seven
bob marley concrete jungle
desmond dekker israelites
officer may the big picture is a grey photo fading
rob zombie run rabbit run
porch ghouls a knife to cut the cornbread
stephan malkmus and the jicks animal midnight
radiohead back drifts
electrocute i love my dad
cucumber under
the party of helicopters boston
arab strap the week never starts round here
lagwagon baggage
kamikaze hearts secret handshake
thelonius monk & sonny rollins friday the 13th
velvet underground run run run
the white stripes seven nation army
serge gainsbourg black trombone
the parkinsons bad girl
the melvins #2 pencil
teddy & his patches suzy creamcheese
dressy bessy fuzzy
the candies hiding behind open space barriers
the evolution control committee no time for yes
howe home lying there

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big pile of bones

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