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monday's playlist: 4/21/03

frank zappa peaches en regalia
isaac hayes groove-a-thon
john coltrane welcome
modest mouse cowboy dan
pig in a can it's coming
soledad brothers johnny death letter
the white stripes little acorns
rob zombie house of 1000 corpses
neutral milk hotel oh comely
officer may smoking a minor
legendary shack shakers shake your hips
throwing muses los flamingos
nirvana paper cuts
adult. shake your head
beans sickle cell hysteria
black eyes someone has his fingers broken
booker t & the mg's funky folks cha cha
booker t & the mg's baby, scratch my back
chromatics two of every creature
bottles & skulls half ass anarchy
buzzcocks morning after
cat power good woman
talking heads cities
captain beefheart love lies
deerhoof the forbidden fruits
electrocute i need a freak
pere ubu lonesome cowboy dave
the evolution control committee i want a cookie
t.a.t.u. ya soshla s uma
folk implosion end of henley
el guapo space tourist
grace jones breakdown
the hookers devils blue
theatre of hate love is a ghost
jfa johnny d
happy flowers mom and dad like the baby more than me
mad caddies wet dog

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big pile of bones

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