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monday's playlist: 4/7/03

funkadelic maggot brain
heaven 17 we live so fast
the white stripes ball & biscuit
madness embarrassment
bettie serveert wild eyed fools
richard hell & the voidoids blank generation
stephen malkmus & the jicks (do not feed the) oyster
volcano suns sea cruise
dirty three no stranger than that
sammy davis, jr. love (your magic spell is everywhere)
cat power i don't blame you
soft cell sex dwarf
trouble funk still smokin'
tommy guerrero thin brown layer
curtis mayfield future shock
tony allen & the champs nite owl
the kills cat claw
yoko ono now or never
phyllis diller (i can't get no) satisfaction
ministry stolen
dead kennedys man with the dogs
the candies statue
the hookers what you need
pulsanama oui oui (a canadian in paris)
porch ghouls fly in the coffin
the parkinsons hate machine
human sexual response guardian angel
mira calix woody
moldy peaches little bunny foo foo
the stranglers skin deep
black flag louie louie
guitar wolf fire ball red
minutemen ain't talkin' 'bout love
the libertines what a waster
chromatics shrieking rows
human league introducing
kristin hersh snake oil
the news blue shoes
au pairs obvious
fm knives useless and modern
webdesign planetbunky tension

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