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monday's playlist: 03/22/10
the white stripes i'm slowly turning into you
dum dum girls baby don't go
serena-maneesh melody for jaana
portugal the man the pushers party
this moment in black history 90% tone
free the robots voices
local natives sun hands
suicide commandos severed head
buraka som sistema aqui pra voces
xiu xiu chocolate makes you happy
turin brakes never stops
hotrats bike
biffy clyro bubbles
yeasayer love me girl
deadstring brothers it's a shame
shearwater god made me
broken bells vaporize
quasi bye bye blackbird
lawrence arabia look like a fool
pavement fight this generation
tiny little blackouts happy is dead for now
spoon i saw the light
creature with the atom brain lonely light
alex chilton no sex
alex chilton my baby just cares for me
alex chilton tee ni nee ni noo/tip on in
alex chilton what's your sign girl
alex chilton sugar sugar/i got the feelin'
happy birthday fun
jaguar love evaline
archie bronson outfit magnetic warrior
lonelady have no past
drinkup buttercup seasickness pills
rogue wave sleepwalker
my robot friend sleepwalker
mi ami harmonics (genius of love)

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big pile of bones

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