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monday's playlist: 03/15/10
archie bronson outfit harness (bliss)
the middle east blood
liars too much too much
beach house take care
joan jett love is pain
black rebel motorcycle club evol
pavement grounded
free energy free energy
drinkup buttercup lovers play dead
gorillaz sweepstakes
mi ami latin lover
bonobo eyesdown
these new puritans we want war
eddy current suppression ring tuning out
the weakerthans plea from a cat named virtute
laureates disconnected
black tambourine dream baby dream
the whigs i am for real
holly miranda slow burn treason
titus andronicus no future part three: escape from no future
ruby suns two humans
gaudi hotel caledonia
strapping field hands lonnie donegan's mum's tea chest
big echo excuses
terror pigeon dance revolt iotdwykiyhtbr
fang island sideswiper
frightened rabbit skip the youth
the soft pack more or less
boxer rebellion misplaced
pit er pat nightroom
vary lumar small talk with the big names

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big pile of bones

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