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monday's playlist: 03/08/10
splinters sea salt skin
dark dark dark something for myself
black rebel motorcycle club 666 conducer
double dagger imitation is the most boring form of flattery
frightened rabbit man/bag of sand
okapi bud dub
aloha ruins
lawrence arabia the crew of the commodore
big echo stitches
cars & trains asleep on a train
jj and now
tartufi dot dash
liars proud evolution
hoa hoas looking for sun
the besnard lakes like the ocean, like the innocent pt. 2 the innocent
past lives don't let the ashes fill your eyes
the blacks can't explain
johnny cash last night i had the strangest dream
dead string brothers adalee
the len price 3 mr. grey
happy birthday subliminal message
broken bells mongrel heart
creature with the atom brain the lonesome whistle
ortolan just like me
seedhill bruiser the hole below
bundles metal mouth
tunng the roadside
fletchers far away
ali farka toure & toumani diabate be manka
1986 rise/fall
polysics cleaning
the organ beats sleep when we are dead
lonelady nerve up
spoon transference
watson twins devil in you
surfer blood twin peaks

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big pile of bones

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