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monday's playlist: 3/3/08
new order blue monday
plants & animals faerie dance
miwa gemini something ordinary
pack a.d. paperbag
the ruby suns morning sun
dodos paint the rust
los campesinos you, me, dancing
american mars better angels
the cribs kind words from the broken hearted
state bird ghost king pt. 2
xiu xiu in lust you can hear the axe fall
fur cups for teeth i dreams
gutter twins the stations
super 400 all is right
kristin hersh like a hurricane
the duke spirit my sunken treasure
a weather hanging tower of baltimore
sons & daughters house in my head
horrorpops kiss kiss kill kill
b52s funplex
raveonettes dead sound
flogging molly lightning storm
stephen malkmus & the jicks dragonfly pie
why? song of the assassin
brian jonestown massacre here to go
alphabetical order shot from cannons
dead meadow either way
killing joke love like blood
matt king american dream
tuscadero temper temper
chris macgregor and the brotherhood of breath do it
paul weller a bullet for everyone

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big pile of bones

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