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monday's playlist: 03/21/05

the cure in your house
fela kuti don't worry about my mouth
clifton chenier banana man
slim harpo my little queen bee (got a new king)
don & dewey justine
sam sacks it's a lie, it' a fake
casualaires satisfied
peter gabriel eindringling
aesop rock rickety rockety
the bellrays remember
the c*nts stupid world stupid me
ornette coleman w.r.u.
sonny rollins lucky day
the bags babbling cadaver
the evens shelter two
diplomats of sound growin' it in
billy bragg every where
hole mrs. jones
bettie serveert versace
the butcherings wickedness
lcd sound system give it up
raveonettes i wanna be taken
ezee tiger the tiger bounce
enon marbles explode
lucky four chazz
lord messam & his calypsonians linstead market
canray fontenot malinda
modest mouse blame it on the tetons
cambodian rocks #2
interpol narc
low just stand back

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big pile of bones

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