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monday's playlist: 03/14/05

betty blowtorch love hate
13th floor elevators roller coaster
joy division atrocity exhibition
haymarket riot trip on out
joel maphis water baby boogie
gorillaz man research
pixies caribou
groove armada i see you baby
anthony braxton all the things you are
bing crosby & louis armstrong muskrat ramble
the beatles cry baby cry
dixie dirt teenage killer
stereo total troglodyten
le tigre decepticon
angels of light my friend thor
hot hot heat goodnight goodnight
x the world's a mess; it's in my kiss
raveonettes love in a trashcan
love little red book
dennis & the times flight pattern
the sonnets radio song
run.away.from.the.humans lost my way
pavement debris slide
foxy morons the lazy librarians son
pony up! marlon brand's laundromat
bunny wailer roots radic reggae
talking heads no compassion
galaxy 500 snowstorm
pit er pat bird
fred schneider cut the concrete
flying lizards summertime blues
doris henson the most
mia doi todd casa nova
marianne faithfull desperanto
the howling hex instilled with mem'ry
john doe ready
black lipstick no mercy
tuva harmonics in the wind

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big pile of bones

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