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monday's playlist: 03/07/05

nirvana heartbreaker
john coltrane selflessness
stereo total baby strich
the bags gargoyle
interpol evil
low on the edge of
bettie serveert you've changed
death from above 1979 turn it out
mahi mahi daughter of sam
paint it black election day
nice cave & the bad seeds hiding all away
manda & the marbles say anything
hot hot heat eyes ears mouth
john doe mama don't
petra haden armenia city in the sky
static films loss of light
tarantula backdoor carni
moussa doumbia keleya
raveonettes everyday
guapo #3
a gun called tension electric chair
mobius band city vs. country
strange plant life
bellafea seasons
monstre movie left
this is john she hangs out
ffa cati pawb valium
ak-momo time for the muse
solo cheap entertainment
miles davis dr. jackie
doris henson the most
ugly beats trouble's over
shawn brown rappin' duke

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big pile of bones

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