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monday's playlist: 3/31/03

sonic youth kotton krown
pig in a can it's coming
jon spencer blues explosion flavor
the coral goodbye
manster over under sideways down
birthday party sonny's burning
the bell rays the same way
blood or whiskey sometimes
rainer maria long knives
wink martindale peace in the valley
violent femmes prove my love
phyllis diller (i can't get no) satisfaction
the candies you fly while driving
new order ceremony
pigface sweet meat
el vez say it loud, i'm brown & i'm proud
hüsker dü bed of nails
fruit bats bit of wind
ministry leper
gang of 4 anthrax
stephen malkmus & the jicks water and a seat
snog play station blues
the hookers broken glass
tommy guerrero organism
fm knives 16 doa
agent orange bloodstains
the apes witch hunt
melvins easy as it was
buzzcocks driving you insane
caustic resin message to shareholders
the parkinsons scientists
death by stereo the plague
portastatic hey salty
smog ambition
rotary downs c'mon take a hit
dressy bessy i'm never wrong
fela kuti monkey banana
raveonettes do you believe her
beastie boys hey ladies

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big pile of bones

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