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monday's playlist: 3/24/03

scratch acid flying houses
ernest tubb walking the floor over you
joy division decades
the apes the midnight raiders
circle jerks killing for jesus
stephen malkmus & the jicks water and a seat
the baptist generals st. christophers medal
the jam down in the tube station at midnight
david cross phone call from a cranky terrorist
james chance i don't want to be happy
deerhoof apple bomb
ian dury & the blockheads reasons to be cheerful
the aisler set attraction action reaction
the rolling stones play with fire
gravy train laffin all the way to the bank
calexico not even stevie nicks
cat power free
howe home felonius
grand mal 1st round ko
lootpack weededed
folk implosion creature of salt
scruffy the cat land of 1000 girls
the blood thirsty lovers 1000 light years from home
gloria jones tainted love
roxy music both ends burning
barbara lewis baby i'm yours
don covay see-saw
the hookers tell you brother...
antelope wen ho lee
pilot to gunner it's so good to be here in paris
happy mondays 24 hour party people
crucifucks lights over baghdad
the briefs (looking through) gary glitters' eyes
selector out on the streets
the stratford 4 she married the birds
the sounds like us the other side of the record
buzzcocks up for the crack
charlie singleton & his orchestra elephant rock
throwing muses speed and sleep
viva zapata mano negra
shriek song of the mothman
the epoxies join the professionals
rod keith how can a man over come his heartbroken pain

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big pile of bones

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