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monday's playlist: 3/17/03

pop will eat itself rsvp apollo
stephen malkmus & the jicks 1% of one
blood thirsty lovers transgression #9
roy orbison i'm hurtin'
dynamite club nicole kidman shades
meat puppets lost
dressy bessy ultra vivid color
calexico no doze
cursive the recluse
ornette coleman free jazz (part 1)
friends of dean martinez through the whine
sly & the family stone thank you for talking to me africa
james brown it's a new day
ministry lockbox
bile scentless apprentice
pigface the loneliest sound i've ever heard
the candies like tennis shoes
the moving sidewalks i want to hold your hand
tangiers anxiety
noahs ark love in
the litter i'm a man
buzzcocks jerk
the hookers what you need
the hives outsmarted
antelope game over
the blood brothers usa nails
ramones teenage lobotomy
nick cave & the bad seeds wonderful life
shipping news the architect in hell
cat power he war
folk implosion brand of skin
atom & his package out to everyone
beat happening foggy eyes
mecca normal revolution #pine
wayne kramer back when dogs could talk
the neats the monkey's head (in the corner of the room)

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big pile of bones

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