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monday's playlist: 3/10/03

fugs i saw the best minds of my generation rock
thompson twins living in europe
david bowie fashion
tammy faye bakker the ballad of jim & tammy
babes in toyland killer on the road
all mighty senators mother nature's afro
frank zappa & the mothers of invention duke of prunes
calexico crumble
nick cave & the bad seeds right out of your hand
captain beefheart pachuco cadaver
pussy galore ventilator blues
david byrne/brian eno help me somebody
blood or whiskey majorca
dirty three rude (and then some slight return)
john coltrane traneing in
guided by voices hot freaks
iggy pop & the stooges penetration
(international) noise conspiracy the revenge of anus presley
bob log iii wag your tail like a dog in the back of a truck
jon langford & his sadies looking good for radio
modest mouse life like weeds
pigface mind your own business
new order regrets (sabres slow 'n' low mix)
swingin' utters looking for something to follow
the stranglers european female
snog bad planet
throwing muses pandora's box
the raveonettes attack of the ghost riders
ministry shine
mindflayer gold lake spiller
jfa beach blanket bongout
glass candy crystal migraine
turbonegro monkey on your back
jr ewing naked pavements
elastica line-up
the clash guns on the roof
cat power shaking paper

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big pile of bones

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