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monday's playlist: 01/11/10
tiny masters of today hologram world
sonics walking the dog
dirty three the zither player
this moment in black history continue the mistake
crystals girls can tell
juana molina no seas antipatica
mission of burma dead pool
ten grand this isn't heaven, this sucks
proletariat hollow victory
natalie portman's shaved head hush hush
retribution gospel choir workin' hard
assemble head in sunburst sound drunken leaves
jenny lewis jack killed mom
lee perry & soulettes doctor dick
pack a.d. wolves & werewolves
willie dixon move me
gene pitney every breath i take
alphabetical order a mockery of taste
pretty girls make graves domino
the beatards get lite
quintron & miss pussycat fly like a rat
slits improperly dressed
wire pink flag
motöorhead kingdom of the worm
max romeo chase the devil
baby guts meat & gesture
x-ray spex the day the world turned dayglo
the fall you wanna
yon lu katie don't be depressed
thelonius monk smoke gets in your eyes
dean martin go, go, go
thad jones quintet you don't know what love is
mccoy tyner blues on the corner
television prove it
suicide 96 tears
neon indian local joke
pine hill haints revenge of the spider-web boy
the iguanas blue moon
rilo kiley dream world
the alley cats puddin' n' tain
dinosaur jr. severed lips
amboy dukes you talk sunshine, i breathe fire

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big pile of bones

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