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monday's playlist: 1/21/08
viparat piengsuwan yok yok (jump jump)
surapon ding dong
viparat piengsuwan rak tong rorn (love passion)
waipot petsuwan mia chaa (my darling)
tuangchai boonparaksa mahn kao lah (what fun)
the reasons shimmy shimmy ko ko bop
sodsai chaengkij the boat that i row
sakarin boonpit kotmorn yoop yap (all shook up)
fela kuti beast of no nation
bob mould walls of time
battle royale let's leave
cat power song to bobby
drug rug the sound clone
hard lessons see and be scene
the moldy peaches anyone else but you
johnny parkes left of centre
gorillaz spitting out the demons
able baker fox face on fire
black mountain wucan
classic ruins geraldine i need your money (more than i need you)
the hindi guns count to ten
morning theft ana
rafter tropical
clock hand strangle blueshift
lightspeed champion galaxy of the lost
john coltrane kulu se mama
fleshtones take a good look
teedo shutthe door on the world
the shondes i watched the temple fall
evangelicals snowflakes
albert ayler our prayer
martin luther king if i had sneezed

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big pile of bones

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