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monday's playlist: 1/14/08
steve earle satellite radio
bedouin soundclash nico on the night train
xtc scarecrow people
brunettes stereo (mono mono)
stereo total komplex mit dem sex
radiohead house of cards
tommy guerrero thin brown layer
architecture in helsinki hold musik
the libertines what katie did
big mama thornton sweet little angel
john lee hooker blues before sunrise
al green real love
gone 4am
throwing muses night driving
pizzicato five if i were a groupie
gogogo airheart turn out the lights
public image limited like that
touré kunda kembe
pop will eat itself menofearthereaper
beres hammond just like a woman
black dice roll up
jesus & mary chain i hate rock 'n roll
jack o' fire asked for water
dirty three flutter
q and not u tag-tag
raincoats shouting out loud
revolting cocks do you think i'm sexy
raybeats tight turn
vandals little weirdo
radionics shame
interpol take you on a cruise
pine hill haints ol' white thang blues
waitiki cave of the tarpon
daniel johnston delusion + confusion
frank turner i really don't care what you did on your gap year

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big pile of bones

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